wedding planning 

Wedding Planning comes with the initial excitement, the rush of the engagement..the high. Then, reality sets in. The reality that you have to plan a wedding from beginning to end.... ugh ..." I have no time for this but I really can't wait for my wedding! 

1.  Make google docs your friend. Stay organized with google drive where you can easily share documents.  Star with main tabs – Vendors, Guests, Ideas, then break out your tabs to more specific ones – Décor, Catering, Photo/Video, Timeline, etc.

2. Make an excel document of all the decisions that need to be made to keep you in track. (This will save you a lot of time and headaches in the future).

3. Reserve your personalized domain name to use for your wedding website (Godaddy.com)

4. Set up a wedding email address; use it with all your vendors and guests. This will help you keep all of your communications organized and in one place. 

5. Pinterest is your friend, this is the best place to find ideas, but don’t go crazy though, once you have some ideas, make a decision and stick to it. You will waste time if you keep pondering idea after idea on Pinterest. Trust me on this one! (Instagram is the new Pinterest, search different hashtags for everything from décor ideas to wedding gown ideas).

6. Once you’ve scoured the internet and magazine for ideas, copy and paste any ideas you find into word docs so you can have them organized and share with your vendors.

7. For your wedding registry; register somewhere that gives you cash for returns and allows you to exchange duplicate gifts (Ex: Bed Bath and Beyond). Have enough gifts on your registry but do not go crazy with the scanning gun – think about what you will use over and over again.  If you do not want physical gifts, consider honeymoon experience registries like honeyfund.com.

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