Wouldn't it be great to hear your family and friends say that they

   just went to the most amazing wedding ever and had the best time

   of their lives and you didn't have to spend a fortune? 





A Destination Wedding is not just a wedding day, it is all about a wedding experience;  a chance for you, your family and friends to celebrate, relax, spend quality time together and create lifetime memories.


When choosing between a local versus a destination wedding, here are some important things to consider.



A TRULY MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE Having a destination wedding makes it truly unique and memorable for both you and your guests because they’ll be able to celebrate your marriage not just for one day, but for the entire time they’re in the destination with you. Plus, that ocean backdrop and palm-studded sand makes for some pretty unbelievable wedding photos too. 



STRESS FREE  Who says weddings have to be stressful? Instead you can go on a fabulous beach vacation with friends and family - with a very special ceremony and fun reception, too. A destination wedding is the perfect way to do everything all at once with all of your closest friends and family.



QUALITY VS QUANTITY For many couples, a destination wedding is ideal because it takes away some of the pressure of having to be the center of attention in front of a group of potentially hundreds of people. Also takes away the pressure of having to decide who gets an invitation and who doesn't. With a destination wedding you’ll get to spend more time with the people that mean the most to you for longer than just your wedding day, giving you a more quality experience.



AFFORDABLE With the cost of weddings skyrocketing every year, destination wedding can end up being a lot more affordable than a traditional wedding, saving you thousands of dollars. All Inclusive hotels, especially in Mexico and the Caribbean offer wedding packages for a reasonable cost. Some even offer complimentary nights for Bride and Groom and complimentary events. As for your guests who may be spending a few extra dollars, just remind them that this is a great opportunity to have a vacation of their own while also celebrating your big day.









All Inclusive luxury accommodations

Unlimited gourmet dining

Unlimited top shelf beverages 

Complimentary on-site wedding coordinator

Complimentary events

Complimentary room for Bride and Groom

Complimentary upgrades

Complimentary nights towards your first anniversary

and much more...